Love heals

Vytality™: A social app for caring

Launching December 2018

No one left behind

Vytality Health is a co-caring social platform for reliable, authentic support of people's health and well being.


Health is not just the 'absence of disease' but also 'the presence of physical, psychological, and social well-being.' -World Health Organization


The Vytality app provides:

  • Connection to daily and crisis support for all
  • Gentle call to basic needs and higher goals
  • Vital signs
  • Easy communication
  • Emergency response

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I am convinced that people would step up if given a platform like yours to support one another.

Everyone doing a little can create a tidal wave of nurturing ripples.

-Mark Askins, There With Care

In the media

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The Peakfoqus [now Vytality Health] story was ignited when Minda's dear best friend and 90-year old neighbor Allen fell... Minda started researching options available for tech curious seniors. -Kelly Hoey, Inc. Magazine - June 10, 2016

Peakfoqus [now Vytality Health] ... says that it’s wrong to think that older people won’t embrace technology. -Katy Steinmetz, Time Magazine - June 22, 2015

Allan Bertram, 92, who continues to write novels, says: “People... were raised to think that aging happens a certain way. But for me, life’s about having fun. Writing about the fun I’ve had is my fun now." -Minda Aguhob, Tech Enhanced Life - July 13, 2016

Be heroes in each other's health stories.

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