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Peakfoqus has evolved from a wearable for elders into a social network called Vytality Health. It sparks a “co-caring” community of helpers supporting people's health and vitality. Vytality's early beta waitlist --...


Vytality Health (Peakfoqus LLC) was one of 25 companies accepted to Y Combinator’s YC Startup School Advisory Track.

Vytality Health's mission has always been to create a world where everyone, regardless of age, ability or resources is connected, well cared for, and living life to the full.

We're building a co-caring social network to foster robust, authentic physical and emotional support of people’s vitality. Driven by AI and powered by connected health devices, our network deepens social connections and expands the help that’s available. We've grown to 40+ staff and raising...


We told you so (four years ago)! "Data show that elderly Americans are using more tech, in their lives and in health care.


“As I mentioned above, my mother was an avid user of her iPad, and several years ago starting calling my kids regularly through...


Elders, patients, hm, PEOPLE want: Integrated services. Personal relationships (not apps or processes). Experiences that pull in delight vs aggro "push" marketing. People with different talents to help. Like living in a big city!

The top 10 large and small metropolitan areas for 2017 are:

Rankings – Large Metros

Provo-Orem, UT

Madison, WI

Durham-Chapel Hill, NC

Salt Lake City, UT

Des Moines-West Des Moines, IA

Austin-Round Rock, TX



To realize the value of increasing longevity, we must change hearts, minds and attitudes. Below essays collected by the Milken Institute, to propose a new model for the future of aging. Full essays here.

Laura Cartensen: Keeping our eyes on the ball: the Sightlines project. Stanford’s Center on Longevity is doing research across age groups on health, financial security and social engagement. A warning sign: Boomers...


Minda focuses on deeper Listening on this episode. She talks with fellow co-host Cosette "Coco" Leary about what it's like to be a family caregiver.

FEMININE GENERATION is 20 minutes where people, who dare to leap toward a new version of the world, share vulnerably about the journey.

Episode link here.


The findings outlined in this report represent only the beginning of a body of necessary work around fair and accurate quality measurement in the context of Medicare’s increasing use of value-based purchasing programs.

The IMPACT Act lays out specific additional requirements for Study B [ a later study ], including the examination of specific social risk factors not currently available in Medicare data such as health literacy, limited English proficiency, and Medicare beneficiary activation (the degree to which...


The U.S. population of elders is doubling over the next few decades. How can we bring together existing resources for our elders effectively, today? What's already available to elders that simply needs finer coordination to be better utilized?

We know that better health happens through a well-connected, caring community. Vytality Health research decided to analyze census data to understand readily available support for housing and health. Our preliminary research on housing, a difficult local issue in the Bay area,...


Originally published in Tech Enhanced Life

How caregivers can adapt so seniors can live a true expression of who they really are.

I mean, who really wants to play f-ing Bingo?” mused senior Allan Bertram.

At age 92, many people might think that Bingo is, in fact, an appropriate activity for him to do. This, however, is not what came to light in a number of conversations we had with seniors which...


Laurie Orlov wrote in her Aging in Place Tech blog: Boomers and adoption of mobile health. Not so fast.

  • The hype hasn't produced health for boomers. (Health care costs...

Inspired by Mark Hager's article, "If I Were So Brave: America Isn’t Ready for Aging Boomer Crisis": During my Hurricane Sandy experience, I and others were helping elderly and disabled folks stuck at the tops of their buildings. We were so upset that the big agencies like FEMA and Red Cross were completely siloed and ineffective in their approach to these needs.



(Written 4 years ago, on June 7, 2011)

I will not be disabled permanently!

Even with my current memory and balance issues. I was deeply scared, depressed and afraid during my first 2 weeks after the accident. But…two doctors, my orthopedist (spine) and alternative med doc, had positive things to say this week. And thanks to my friends and family who visited me in the hospital and at home, even with my Keppra-induced bizarre behavior. You are saints.

I keep getting asked “WHAT HAPPENED?” So this is for my...


I created my personal mission – to raise the level of love in action in the world – in 2012, right before Hurricane Sandy happened. On Day 1 after the storm, my friend Patrycja reported her volunteer efforts on Facebook.

It touched me deeply. I organized a group of volunteers at my gym to do what she did: climb stairs to carry water and supplies to seniors and disabled stuck at the tops of their buildings.

Though the Red Cross and FEMA had arrived, many residents’ needs were not being met in the Rockaways. Then...