About Vytality's Early Access Beta Program


Vytality Health is a social support network for "co-caring" to help people connect during difficult health situations like COVID-19. This is urgent to build as it’s on our doorsteps now. Vytality Health is a passionate community of helpers and help receivers for mutual health support and vitality that can help accelerate healing.

I learned how hard good care support is to find after a major cycling accident where it took months to find sufficient support for my care plan. This, despite living in NYC with its incredible number of research hospitals as well as 30 physicians in my family. I know what NYC’s coronavirus patients will face in terms of obstacles to care, on top of the shortages in respirators and PPE.

People who are sick at home need support as well as those in the hospital. They are alone and cannot go out to buy groceries, for example. Many NYC neighbors are gathering to pick up the slack in some neighborhoods. I saw a poster pinned up on a telephone pole, from neighbors offering to shop and buy groceries for the sick and elderly.

Many of us have hoarded N95 masks. There is a desperate need among providers for these. And there are ways to reuse these, acceptable for non-health providers. People are going out to gather masks for hospitals and finding only 5 masks or less after a large call campaign.

What if these efforts can be multiplied more successfully online?

For 6 years my team and I have researched how people can get better care for themselves in the small, critical ways we need beyond clinical care. From Hurricane Sandy in 2012, to the Sonoma and Camp Fires, and now coronavirus & COVID-19 in 2020, we asked.

As I remember my own struggles as a patient with head injuries, not knowing if I would ever walk normally again, I witness friends and family coming to grips with their mortality. You can find surprising inner strength to transform your own health and mindset about mortality. How? Here's what I discovered:

People just need each other. They need to have, or easily find people they trust who have their back, or who have been in their shoes. #Co-caring.

With Vytality, you can partner with us to transform how successfully we can connect with each other to get through this critical period of time. We will be successful, because in the end everyone is both a caregiver and care receiver.

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