The Silver Tsunami

Inspired by Mark Hager's article, "If I Were So Brave: America Isn’t Ready for Aging Boomer Crisis": During my Hurricane Sandy experience, I and others were helping elderly and disabled folks stuck at the tops of their buildings. We were so upset that the big agencies like FEMA and Red Cross were completely siloed and ineffective in their approach to these needs.

And there was no statistical information to spread the word and get additional help. Though Palantir was on the ground building a database to do this, it wasn't immediately helpful as they were just getting started.

What if everyone were on the same page for the silver tsunami (and Hurricane Sandy's to come)? What systems can we put in place to make it easy for us to work together?

We want to align communities so in a disaster, we can easily serve seniors and vulnerable folks to assist the organizations that weren't aligned during Sandy.

We are in chats with large government and private organizations to build an impact study to develop and demonstrate Peakfoqus' smart watch and safety communication system with various infrastructures, so we can show possibilities for ways to keep seniors, and other vulnerable folks, healthy and safe.

We would love to talk this through with individuals and communities who have a moment for a phone call, Skype or in-person meetup sometime soon.

Phone: 415-494-7926

Skype: minda.aguhob

In person: Email us to schedule a meeting

Mark Hager's blog

The article We have failed to prepare for our greying future and a million elderly will pay dearly is one of the most clearly articulated descriptions of the fate the growing aging population in Ireland could face in the coming years.

In it, Mr. Yates discusses his view of the current and near-future state of elder care. And, how he feels that will affect the 1,000,000 people that will be over age 65 in Ireland, between 2016 and 2046. According to Mr. Yates:

The greatest, medium-term challenge to our social system is how to adequately provide for the needs of 1,000,000 extra people over 65 between 2016 and 2046

It’s bleak. It’s unforgiving. And, in my opinion, it’s a pretty fair assessment.

You can go read it for yourself. I’ll wait.