Vytality's early beta waitlist is open!

Peakfoqus has evolved from a wearable for elders into a social network called Vytality Health. It sparks a “co-caring” community of helpers supporting people's health and vitality. Vytality's early beta waitlist -- http://vytality.co

What a journey! I spent years on self-funded research asking: How can we take care of ourselves and our families better? From Hurricane Sandy in 2012, to Ben and Yuan getting cancer, to the Sonoma and Camp Fires, I asked.

I watched friends and family come to grips, and find their strength to make health and caring happen. I remembered my own struggles as a patient with head injuries, not knowing if I would ever walk normally again.

The answer to my question was: We just need each other. Not data. Not some special gadget. Only humans really know how to care. And, everyone gives or receives some sort of care, but each person cares differently.

With Vytality, we're transforming how everyone takes care of one another by listening to the wisdom of humans... by learning about the communication and support people need, want, and have given.

Click here to share your wisdom > https://docs.google.com/…/1n94iFUhbSkFpYBTbUfPqyW1b4lO-TPtu…

Thanks for listening. It's been really great. I can't wait to share more and hear what you have to say.